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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do when wedding rings get scratched from usage and we want them to be as new?

You get a 6-year warranty (there is a 2-year obligatory warranty by law) and a lifetime free service for your wedding rings. It means that we do any service for free – polishing, tarnishing, renovation by rhodium according to your wishes. You also get free check of gemstones and other wedding ring service.

Can you enlarge or lessen the wedding rings after years?

Wedding rings made by our company KAMEA® can be adjusted to the desired size anytime.

Can we choose rings in a different combination than the manufactured samples?

Yes, we are the manufacturers of all our wedding rings, which means that you can change the color of the material, surface, number of gemstones, profile or width.

Do you offer engraving?

We can do engraving on both outside and inside of the rings. Engraving is free for our customers.

What warranty do you provide?

The company KAMEA® provides a 6-year warranty and a lifetime free service for all the products.

Is it possible to bet the wedding rings with diamond instead of Dalloz zircon?

Of course, we can bet the wedding ring with a brilliant diamond and attach a certificate of authenticity.

What is the thickness of the material you use for the wedding rings?

The material thickness of KAMEA® products is 1.30 mm. This thickness is a guarantee that the shape of your wedding rings remains unchanged.

How do we find out whether a wedding ring made by KAMEA® is of 14 carat gold?

Each wedding ring made by our company is marked on the inside with letters KAM and the state hallmark (sign of a swan head).

Won’t the stones fall out of the rings?

The stones are bet manually by an expert. You also get a 6-year guarantee of quality, which can prove the quality of our work.