Production of Wedding Rings

The production of wedding rings starts with rolling of gold. Goldsmith prepares the desired length, width and thickness of gold by rolling. During this process the gold must be annealed as it hardens.

1. The rolled material is adjusted by the goldsmith to the required length using bolt cutter. The prepared piece of gold is bent using pliers to form a ring shape. The seam is soldered using a gold solder and fire.

2. As production continues the ring gets a perfect shape.

3. The grooves of various shapes and depth in the wedding rings are made with a precision of micrometers by a special Posalux machine.

4. The betting of stones requires high precision. The expert bets each stone individually into prepared beds. Under high pressure the stones are secured against falling out.

5. The next step is the treatment with rhodium. This galvanic method is used especially in the production of white gold rings. With this method a bright white finish of the rings is achieved.

6. The finish requires a great precision. It is made by hand. The customer can choose the finish he/she likes the most.

7. When the wedding ring is finished, engraving is the next step of the process. It is the last part of the production. Our customers can engrave the desired text with the help of our staff.

8. The finished wedding rings are checked by the assay office to prove their authenticity. Rings are packed in a luxury box and are ready for shipment.

9. Precise hand work is our pride. A team of experienced goldsmiths is contributing to the perfect result. They will meet your ideas and make your wishes come true so that the design and quality of your wedding rings lasts for life.